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Web service maintenance

Active maintenance is one of the cornerstones of web services – when the need arises, help needs to be close at hand. Our maintenance team takes care of the security and other operations of your web service with a response time of mere hours, and the continued development of the service according to your needs. We can also handle security and Drupal GDPR audits for you.
Eemeli Nurkka
Eemeli Nurkka
Project Manager
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Reliable maintenance

Updates that improve the Drupal system's features and security are released regularly, and if the updates are not installed, the website might end up at the mercy of hackers. Our automated monitoring system will watch over your service tirelessly, and when needed, it will alarm our on call expert to bring a downed service back up. Your contract may include a specified number of maintenance hours each month, or we can work when the need arises.

Druid's maintenance package starts from €300/month + VAT. Ask for more info!

Small-scale development

The maintenance team will also account for further small-scale development, which helps you retain the service's business value and expand it further. If your service requires more features or fixes, you can commission us for small-scale development work by the hour. The work will be scheduled flexibly, and usually we can begin work a couple of weeks after getting the commission. Critical fixes will naturally be done as soon as possible. 

Security audits

In most cases we begin our maintenance relationship by auditing the implementation and the security of your web service. This way we can efficiently ascertain the quality of the code, and you will get a comprehensive look at the current state of your service. 

The audit consists of going through the source code and the functionality of the service, after which we give you a report on the possible issues we have uncovered and the recommended actions to fix those issues. The report is a great basis for the development and improvement of your web service.

Drupal GDPR audits 

EU's General Data Protection Regulation will be adopted in the spring of 2018, and our Drupal GDPR audits are the answer for the confusion that may surround Drupal. We will find out how personally identifiable information is being processed in your web service and what changes the new data protection regulation may obligate you to implement. 

Among other things, we will chart all the data that is considered personally identifiable information, where it is stored, and what processes are involved in its handling. After the project, you will receive a clearly worded auditing report that you can forward to your organization's data protection officer or lawyer. In addition to the report we will draw out an action plan to fix all the possible issues we came across or, if need be, to investigate further. Contact us for more information! 

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