Software development

Software development

We offer reliable and predictable solutions for developing your digital business. Our customized implementations are based on pre-established open source products and solutions. We will provide a web service for your target audience on time and optimized for all devices.

Top-notch software development

Druid is one of the leading experts on the Drupal content management system in the Nordics. We are, however, not dependent on one system. We choose the technology and solutions according to the needs and goals of the client. In many of our recent projects, for example, we have improved the customers' user experience by implementing the user interface with a React library.

Technologies we use:

Käyttämämme teknologiat

Our specialty are comprehensive web systems that contain a multitude of customer paths and that therefore depend on usability, performance and reliability and require integrating with other systems. Thanks to our finely tuned processes and infrastructure, our work runs smoothly and with a minimum of mistakes – making it very cost effective for our clients.

Your web service is created through close co-operation between our developers and designers, since we do not separate the technical implementation and the design processes. Alternatively we can build your service in co-operation with your regular design house. As our client, you too are a part of the team and can take active part in developing your service.

We are known for our integrity and ironclad expertise that stems from our years of experience. With us you can avoid the traditional pit-falls that hound IT projects, because we carry out projects agilely with Scrum. Scrum brings speed, flexibility and transparency to development work. Risk management is also more effortless, and the focus of the projects stays clear, when the development work concentrates on tasks that currently produce the most value to the client.

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