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Druid Discovery Tour

Is your web service in need of improvements, but you are unsure where to start or what to do? The Druid Discovery Tour will show you the direction – in just one week.

Quick and risk-free start to your development project

Take a discovery tour with us! The Druid Discovery Tour helps you quickly identify the pain points and areas for improvement in your web service. The outcome is a description of the current state of your web service, a list of areas for improvement, with suggestions for solutions, and a preliminary cost estimate for the development project. This report is a good basis for taking your web service to the next level.

The Druid Discovery Tour explores:

  • business-driven objectives and areas for improvement
  • the technical implementation level, technology debt, and maintenance processes of the web service
  • speed, accessibility, and search engine friendliness of the web service
  • quality of privacy statement and cookie policy
  • administrative processes such as further development and related operating models

The Discovery Tour will be completed from start to finish in one working week for 5 000 € (VAT 0 %).

  What? Where? Who? Outcome?
Mon Workshop 09:00–15:00 Customer Druid consultant
Stakeholders of customer's web service
Workshop notes
Tue Analyses Druid Druid consultant Analysis reports
Current state description
Wed Workshop 12:00–16:00 Druid Druid consultant + developer team
Customer's 1-2 key persons
List of suggested solutions
Preliminary workload estimate
Thu Solutions Druid Druid consultant Solution description
Cost estimate
Fri Wrap-up Customer Druid consultant
Stakeholders of customer's web service
Finalized report

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