We needed help with the scalability and further development of the e-commerce platform we had built, so we let Druid take charge of its maintenance. Our cooperation has now lasted a year, and it has run very smoothly. The functionality of the platform has been improved, and Druid’s maintenance services have been very flexible with our evolving needs.
Hanna Lusila
Founder and CEO

Starting point

Weecos is an interactive online marketplace through which companies can sell their products. The platform’s maintenance was problematic, since its codebase contained a lot of custom code and modified Drupal modules, which prevented both installing security updates and developing the platform further. To get the maintenance of the platform back on track, Weecos turned to Druid for help.

What we did

We began our cooperation with a comprehensive audit, which helped outline the challenges for maintenance and the areas that needed fixing. Due to the lack of updates, old versions were still in use. Alongside bug fixing, our maintenance team began replacing the platform’s own custom code with ready made Drupal modules. An example of new functionality that we’ve implemented for the platform are discount coupons.


The improvements and new functionality we implemented after outlining the problem areas during the audit were met with enthusiasm. Updates for the platform run more smoothly and the security of the site is in order. The vendors in Weecos can now also offer discount coupons to their customers. Our cooperation is still ongoing as we actively provide small scale development as well as maintenance.

Weecos offers companies an e-commerce platform for selling high quality products that support sustainable development. Weecos’ multivendor system combines multiple webstores into a single virtual storefront. The vendors themselves are responsible for their stores’ information found on Weecos as well as selling and delivery of their products.
For the customer, Weecos is displayed as a single virtual storefront where the vendors’ products can be browsed by category or by using a centralized search function. It is also possible to view the vendors’ own Weecos stores and information about them on the service. Both the vendors and the customers can create their own profiles for the service and interact with each other.
Our cooperation begun in March 2016 with the auditing of the e-commerce platform and an introduction to agile development. 
The shortcomings and the difficulties in both the updating and security of the platform uncovered by the audit have been mitigated by reducing the amount of original, custom code and adding modules that are supported and reviewed by the Drupal community. The amount of people looking through the code of the Drupal modules is considerably larger than with any code developed in-house. The security updates for modules and the introduction of new modules has to be fitted together with custom code, which brings about its own challenges.
The discount coupons we brought on as new functionality for the platform were quite tricky to implement due to the multivendor system Weecos uses. The system requires vendor specific discounts to be processed in the shopping cart. Also the payment interface has to naturally work so that the payments reach the correct vendors.

We have also worked with, for example, the different language versions of products, doing bug fixes and creating new functionality.

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