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Visma Sign Forms

Visma Sign Forms

Druid was the right choice for a partner and the modern technology used enabled a good customer experience. Druids team was self-motivated and wanted to develop the Visma Sign Forms even better than originally planned.
Antti Larvala
Product Manager

Starting point

Visma offers comprehensive electronic signature services that enable the document signing process to be handled completely digitally. Visma's customers were eager to build and send e-signed forms that correspond to their own business needs.


What we did

We implemented a form tool for Visma, in which their customers can build digitally signed forms. The service was integrated into the Visma Sign service, and filled forms are displayed on each client's own portal. Information on new signatures is sent to the customer via email. The client company can also integrate the completed form into their own web site if needed.



After its release, the service has attracted a lot of interest, and about 5,000 forms have been signed just since mid-February. Customer feedback has been only positive.

Implementation of the Visma Sign Forms service was started in October 2017 and it was first released at the end of January in the following year 2018. Planning and development took four months in total.

An example use-case of electronically-signed forms is to carry out a request for verification required by the power of attorney or a GDPR correction claim. This way it is known that the sender of the form is the one who he claims to be.

Forms can be made by the customer from the very beginning or the form templates available in the service can be used. Creation of forms is done by dragging the fields and subheadings into the order the customer wants and then defining which fields are mandatory.


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