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Touring Cars

“Cooperation with the Druid team has been open and it's been easy to communicate with each other. When deciding on the project, we doubted the realism of the schedule and were positively surprised that the project stayed on schedule almost 100 %. We are used to the fact that the schedules of many other service providers are very indicative, but this time the project went live just as planned. The tasks of the development sprints were almost always fulfilled according to the plan. After this project, we have already had two new smaller site-related projects and more are coming. Druids have a great spirit of making things happen!”
Veijo Tiitinen
Managing Director, Touring Cars

Touring Cars, founded in 1982, is the leading rental service for motorhomes in Europe. The company is known for its high quality products and service operations. Touring Cars has rental stations in 11 countries all around Europe.

Starting point

Our partnership began with website maintenance work in the fall of 2018. Touring Cars' website - built with the Drupal 7 content management system - had been hacked, and the company needed a Drupal vendor to fix the vulnerabilities and to update the website.

In addition, the site's content was in need of clarification and restructuring so that it would work better as a sales channel. The motorhome reservation system was a separate entity to the website, and marketing data did not move between the systems.

We came to the conclusion that it would be more sensible to build a new web service from the ground up rather than to try and fix the old one that was in many ways not customer friendly.

Touring Cars requested for bids from three service providers. The schedules, our pricing and the ease of cooperation resulted in us being selected for the project. We had already become familiar with Touring Cars' business and the industry, and the choice was not a leap in the dark for Touring Cars.

Our goal was to create a mobile friendly web service that would help Touring Cars stand out from the competition by highlighting their high quality products and services, and also to increase Touring Cars' sales by refining the customer journey to be more efficient and high-class.

We were on a tight schedule, because it was already December of 2018, and the peak season for motorhome rentals was starting in March.

What we did

We started the revamp with the Discovery Tour project in December 2018. The result of the project was a complete backlog, a list of development goals that formed the basis for the actual development work.

We updated the website to be responsive with Drupal 8 to lengthen its life cycle. We also revamped the user experience for the website. The basic principles of the UX design are the same as on the old site, but the site is now more user friendly and, thanks to scalable design, more readily expandable.

We designed a completely new motorhome reservation system which we integrated into the website to provide a seamless user experience. We also integrated Touring Cars' ERP system Wheels into the reservation system. Wheels is used to search for product information on cars and destinations.

We used the Drupal 8 Commerce module and React to build the reservation system. React is a modern Javascript library which is used to build user interfaces. Its benefits are speed and efficiency both in development work and use of the service. We integrated the React reservation app into the Drupal base with Rest API technology. In addition, we integrated the Stripe payment API into the system and introduced the Text United automatic translation service.

Despite the tight schedule the new web service was launched on time in March 2019. Subsequently we have done two additional development sprints where we added a login functionality into the reservation system and improved functionalities related to search engine optimization. The development work is ongoing.

The project was implemented agilely using the Scrum methodology and week long sprints. In addition to the customer's product owner, the team consisted of our Scrum Master and chiefly two software developers. The project also had a steering committee.


With the new responsive web service, Touring Cars can offer more information about different destinations and products along the customer journey. Making content updates is now easier and more sensible.

The customer journey works more effectively: sales conversion in monetary terms increased by about 120 % relative to site traffic.

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