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Telia Inmics-Nebula

Telia Inmics-Nebula

"It was clear from the get-go that Druid is as professional as they come as a partner. The project was taken over efficiently, and both the schedule and the costs were tracked meticulously. Potential issues were spotted and handled before they became actual problems. Despite the tight schedule and the project's evolving specs, the launch was exactly on time."
Jussi Korhonen
Project Manager

Nebula and Inmics are known as Finland's leading ICT service companies. After the companies joined the Telia family in 2017, both Nebula and Inmics began a strategic partnership together in order to offer even more comprehensive ICT solutions nationwide. The joint organization was officially formed October 1st 2018, and the fusion becomes judicial in early 2019. Naturally, as a part of the fusion, the services and strategies of the company were revised, and the new look and contents had to be introduced into the internet.

Starting point

As a result of Telia's corporate acquisitions and the merger of Nebula and Inmics, Inmics-Nebula's website and its visual design had to be brought in line to match Telia's and its other affiliates' look. 

On the other hand, from a marketing standpoint, it was already clear beforehand that all the content could not be restricted to a previously defined framework. Because of this there was a will to renew content management in a way that made it possible to define the content elements of the site on a page by page basis.

What we did

We ended up implementing the website in a block-based layout using Drupal 8 and the Paragraphs module. Due to the needs of the client, and some previously made technical choices, the paragraph like content was mainly made up of text editor fields for which we created pre-defined styles. This made it possible to edit the content section by section while still retaining the site's uniform style.

The whole project was completed by an architect and two developers. Initially the main focus was on backend work, and when the project progressed, the focus was shifted more to the appearance side of things, and the development responsibilities were turned over to the frontend/sitebuild expert. The strategy worked well, and everyone got to concentrate on their own field of expertise.

The project was carried out using the Scrum methodology and in close cooperation with the client. Things that were unclear or missing were promptly handled and the result was a clean and a prioritized backlog. Scrum was not familiar to all of the client's representatives, so we arranged a Product Owner certification training for the project's product owner.


Despite the fact that the project's requirements were not wholly clear, especially regarding the design, and the corporate structure was still in flux, the project ran smoothly. The website overhaul is a successful part of a larger undertaking, where a corporation's services are made more accessible and usable.

In addition to the client companies' needs, the merger answered the parent company's needs as well, since instead of the layoffs that usually follow a merger, Inmics-Nebula is actually recruiting ICT experts at the moment.

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