Druids were chosen as the architects of the site renewal as they have the right attitude, affordable pricing and solid expertise. With them we as a team have learned a new working style and reached all our technical goals. The best part of working with them has been the genuine care and desire to commit to the end goal!
Jonna Tiainen
Online Manager

Starting point

Restel is Finland’s biggest hotel and restaurant operator with 43 hotels and more than 240 restaurants in Finland. Restel wanted to combine its separate websites into a completely new service site. The old sites were outdated in their user experience and caused excessive maintenance work. Druid was chosen to implement a full renewal of the website.

What did we do?

We built the new service site according to Restel’s needs. The site was built on a Drupal 8 based platform, with technical integrations in the Saima HR system and the Jasmine WebSuite hotel booking system. As a part of the project we developed a lunch menu tool for Restel as well as a Lunch API. This enables all lunch restaurants to offer their lunch menu information to anyone needing it. The design of the site is also mostly done by us.


The new, mobile friendly is considerably easier to use and serves the consumers better. The simplified content structure and integrations guarantee the ease of bookings, and the content is also easy to find, no matter what device the consumer is using. Maintenance is a breeze with little manual work. The site can also be developed further as adding new components is very simple.

Restel was familiar and satisfied with Drupal from before, so the site was transferred from the old Drupal 7 and Navigo CMS platforms onto Drupal 8. The project was started in late 2015 and the new website was launched around midsummer 2016. 

During the renewal the site was integrated onto the mother brand site. This demanded more of the platform, so it was made more comprehensive than just a marketing site. As is based on a Drupal development platform built by Druid, the entire site can be duplicated quickly as a base for a new site.

The integrations to Jasmine WebSuite and Saima HR systems enable hotel bookings directly from the service site and the automatic updates of job vacancies. 

With the new and easy-to-use lunch menu tool the restaurants can now update their lunch menus themselves on the site. Restel’s marketing team no longer needs to be involved in the updating process.

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