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“We renewed the city of Pori's website for the first time with a multi-vendor model utilizing the Scrum method. Druid's Scrum Product Owner training provided us with great tools to introduce the new process. Cooperation with the Druids ran smoothly and efficiently, and the team composed of multiple operators worked together wonderfully. The work load was considerable and the pace fast, but the relaxed atmosphere, smooth interaction and the genuine interest towards a shared goal made this challenging project a pleasure to carry out. The user feedback from the revamp has also been positive; the site is clear and easy to use. A top-notch crew!”
Marianne Keskimäki
Project Manager

The city of Pori was founded over 460 years ago and is the tenth largest city in Finland. The population of the city has been on the rise these last years due to municipal mergers, and there are some 85.000 people living there. Alongside the population, business is also booming, because the people of Pori have a great passion for life, the environment and getting things done. In addition to industry, the city is known for its cultural heritage and events that both spring from the stubbornness and creativity of its people.

Starting point

The city of Pori's website was out of date in both style and functionality, and was in need of renewal. In line with Pori's communications and marketing strategy, the result would need to exemplify what it means to be a part of Pori; an uncompromising and determined attitude which leads to a memorable emotional reaction.

The goal of the revamp was to create an identifiable and an easy-to-use website that answers the needs of both the city and its inhabitants. It was also important to facilitate the site's continued development, since the old site was outdated and difficult to update. The client also requested that functions would be more automated than on the old site.

What we did

The project ended up using the city of Turku's open source platform, the Drupal based KADA. The goal was to gain the benefits of a platform developed in co-operation with other municipalities and to continue that co-operation in the future. The implementation utilized the tried and tested functionalities of Drupal and modified the functionalities developed by the city of Turku to better fit the needs of Pori. Some solutions were re-built from the ground up so that the customer could be provided with a tailor made fit as cost-effectively as possible.

The team consisted of a development crew with members from many different vendors and the representatives from the client, and the collaboration worked like a charm. Our team had daily contact with the client during shared scrums, and the project was kept on track with regularly scheduled meetings.


It goes without saying that the result was a success. Instead of tooting our own horn, we'll let the client's representative describe our cooperation and its results.

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