Myllyn Paras

Myllyn Paras

For us, the most important thing was to get our website updated to this decade. We gave up on closed source code and made a conscious choice to select Drupal for the open source code implementation. The project was challenging and educational, and as a result we have a modern website that meets our customers’ needs.
Johanna Kemppinen
Marketing Manager

Starting point

Myllyn Paras wanted to renew its online service, as the old system could no longer meet new needs and the visitors on the website did not find the abundant content easily. The aim was to create an easy-to-use food website that would reach half of the population in Finland. The aim was also to increase the number of members in Myllyn Paras Reseptiklubi (Recipe Club).

What we did

We implemented a web service for both consumer and HoReCa sales – the new We created a structure in accordance with the new content plan, focusing on the recipes being easy to find. As a new feature, we added a blog section and made significant amendments to the technical structure of the website. We built a comprehensive search function on the recipe site and renewed the visual look. 


The new market-oriented web service wins over the consumers’ hearts with a wide selection of recipes and related content. The most important feature of the consumer site is a comprehensive search function which makes the recipes and products easy to find. The renewed site has been well received and feedback has been positive. The aim of prolonging the time spent on the site is also being met. 

Myllyn Paras produces and sells flour, flakes, brans, pasta and groats as well as frozen dough and pastries. The company is a market leader in Finland in frozen dough and pasta products and second in the market in flakes and flour. 

The renewal project started in August 2015. Transferring the material from the old website to a new Drupal-based website was challenging and took a lot of planning as well as resources in the implementation phase.

We published the beta version of the new website for a selected customer group at the end of 2015. We collected feedback from them and measured the functionality of the site. Based on the feedback and metrics, we made improvements to the website before the final launch at the end of January 2016.

As a part of the project, we also developed a tool with which aggregate, theme and campaign pages can be easily created. Due to agile development, we were able to launch the site for Piparinleivonnan SM-kilpailut (Finnish Championship in Gingerbread Baking) on schedule before launching the actual website.

Further development projects are ongoing and they will ensure that the website will be up to date also in the future and that the content is easy to update according to the wishes of Myllyn Paras customers.

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