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Kauppakeskus Itis

Itis Shopping Center

"Continued development in line with our customers' needs is at the forefront when creating a smooth service experience. Druid has shown itself to be a flexible and a reliable partner. When challenges presented themselves, we overcame them together and are now able to provide better digital services to our clients."
Anna Homén
Head of Marketing and Communications, CC Real

Starting point

Our collaboration with the Itis Shopping Center began back in 2017 when we took up maintenance of their website. However, there was a need for a large scale overhaul, so we decided to create a totally new digital customer experience that would be in line with the Itis brand.

Itis wanted to improve communication between the shopping center and the companies doing business there. As a solution we began to design an intranet tool. The old Drupal 7 based website was also in need of an overhaul both in technical and visual terms. In early 2018 we began to improve and unify the user experience of Itis' digital services.


What we did

We designed and implemented responsive web services for Itis using the Drupal 8 content management system. This choice allowed us to base the whole service solution on a single technology, and it facilitates continued development. Using Drupal 8 also lengthens the technological life cycle of the web service. In addition, we acted as a strategic partner with Itis and CC Real in IT acquisitions.

The biggest task during the project was building the new responsive intranet. We also revamped the tools that businesses use to track sales within the intranet to be more user friendly. 

We updated the Itis website to the same Drupal 8 environment, and revised the visual look of the website as well. We also built an API tool to the website so that consumers can sign up for a newsletter, and enabled a store specific feedback system so that feedback will be directed straight to the store in question. In addition, we built a separate SMS tool, which can be used by the security firm to inform stores about, for example, alarms.

We integrated the BCN Dynamic Wayfinding map guidance system by Craneworks into the web service package. Its core is an interactive, three dimensional floor plan which will guide customers directly to the products or services they are looking for. 

The whole project was designed and implemented in about 5 months. After Itis' internal testing period all the necessary changes were made, and the service was released to the public during October and November of 2018. The project was carried out agilely using the Scrum methodology. 


The goals that were set were met, and the new web services have been received well. The website has been built to facilitate continued development. 

Using the intranet, the businesses in Itis can edit their information and create promotions directly to the Itis website. Itis' customers can easily search for information about the shopping center's services and promotions. Additional information, such as opening hours and store location, can be conveniently found on each individual store's page.



One of the largest shopping centers in Finland, Itis hosts over 120 stores, over 50 services and dozens of restaurants and cafés. The Itis Shopping Center is owned and operated by Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing and CC Real.

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