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Finnish Crafts Organization Taito

It has been a pleasure to work with the Druids. When you have to work with concepts and systems that are alien to you, it's both important and soothing that the communication with the provider is effortless and that exchanging ideas runs smoothly. We've had an open dialogue during the whole project. Good guys!
Salla Backman
Product Owner

Founded in 1913, the Finnish Crafts Organization Taito has the important task of developing the crafts sector in Finland. The organization and 17 regional crafts associations make up the Taito Group. 

The Taito Group is an active provider and developer of crafts services in Finland. The organization's values are creativity, skills, entrepreneurship and sustainable development. Operating throughout Finland, the Taito Group's network is comprised of over a hundred fixed locations. The Taito Group is a significant job provider in the crafts sector having over 200 permanent employees.

Starting point

The Taito organization needed to digitalize the gathering of information required for applying and accounting for state subsidies. This would facilitate the subsidy application procedure and provide the organization with up to date information to support the development of the Taito Group as a whole.

The gathering of all the required information from the regional associations twice a year was a slow and arduous task, since the work was done manually using paper and Excel forms. The information relating to state subsidies was up to date only once a year, which hindered the systematic development of the operation.

The goal

The goal was to digitalize the manual work and create an intuitive and mobile friendly reporting system in which forms could be filled out directly and reports for the subsidy applications could be compiled easily. It was the wish of the customer to have as user friendly and approachable a system as possible.

We proposed a Drupal based solution which we thought would be an excellent fit for their needs and which would also allow for the system to be expanded to cover course management tasks that the organization was planning to implement in the future. The Taito organization was convinced by our proposal, and our co-operation began in the spring of 2019.

What we did

The project consisted of two parts. During the first part we designed and implemented the reporting tool, and during the second part we built the course management system, which was essentially an online shop. We also designed the appearance of the two systems. As per the agile methodology, we collated user feedback during the project.

The project was implemented agilely using the Scrum method. The project team consisted of the Taito organization's product owner as well as a Scrum Master, designer and both frontend and backend developers from Druid.

Reporting system

Using the Drupal 8 based reporting tool, the members of regional associations can easily report the courses, trainings and other events they organize. We made filling out the forms as straightforward as possible utilizing, for example, prefilled fields and drop-down menus. All the reported data is saved in a database from which the Taito organization can easily search and filter out information as well as compile reports and state subsidy applications.

We spent a lot of time defining different event types, of which the system contains a lot. In addition, we had to give careful thought on how all of the information that was input in the system would be processed practically so that the creation of the digital document would go as smoothly as possible.

Course management system

During the project's second phase we built the course management system that would allow the different regional associations to collect course registrations, participation fees and feedback. In practice we created an online shop that would automatically transfer information to the reporting system's database. The system was built using Drupal Commerce, with an integration to Paytrail payment API.

The reporting tool was launched in November 2019. The course management system has likewise been launched, but it still awaits introduction and implementation in the regional associations. After the launch our co-operation has continued in the form of maintenance and continuous development. 


With the new reporting tool the majority of data collection and subsidy application compiling will be done digitally in the future which will save a significant amount of time. Mistakes will also become rarer, since there will no longer be the need to copy information manually from one form to another and since all the regional associations will use the same forms. 

With their information up to date constantly, the Taito organization will have an easier job monitoring the success of their strategy and developing the allotment of state subsidies. The user feedback received has praised the system's user friendliness. 

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