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Digital and Population Data Services Agency – Suomidigi.fi

Our collaboration with Druid ran effortlessly and sensibly for the whole project. We implemented the Suomidigi service both iteratively and agilely following the Digital and Population Data Services Agency's overall agile development model. Our developers' strong Drupal and Scrum expertise made an impression with us. The values of Scrum were attended to and they were put into practice in the sprints. There was a proper amount of ambition, humor and can-do attitude. The quality of work is stellar. The Druids are approachable, nice guys, and together all of us working on the project melded into a cohesive team. Pilots pilot!
Pia Korpisaari
Product Owner

The Suomidigi.fi web service is a part of the larger Digital and Population Data Services Agency's (DVV's) Suomidigi service. The agency began its work on the 1st of January 2020 when the Population Register Centre and the Local Register Offices were merged.

The vision for Suomidigi is to offer up-to-date, proactive and prepared content to support the development of digital services, and to provide interaction which cultivates thinking and the creation of innovations.

In addition to its web service, the Suomidigi service covers all the events held under the Suomidigi brand, as well as the networking done in the different regions of Finland. Suomidigi supports the DVV in its statutory duty to promote the digitalization of the public sector.

Suomidigi is mainly targeted towards experts, developers and leaders working in the public sector's digitalization and development projects.

Starting point

The aim was to close down the Digital and Population Data Services Agency's multitude of websites, including the blog-driven Suomidigi.fi site, and to replace them with a single, unified Suomidigi.fi web service.

The decision was made to implement the new web service with Drupal, because it was felt that it would be a sustainable choice as regards to the project as a whole and the continued development of the service. Drupal would also be a good fit with the service's customer oriented development in accordance with DVV's overall agile operating model.

The goal was to create an accessible web service that was optimized for mobile devices, had a modern appearance and that facilitated effortless content creation.

The DVV chose us to carry out the project primarily because of our know-how on agile project management. In addition to our Drupal expertise we would be able to help with the running of the project.

What we did

We built an entirely new Suomidigi.fi web service on a Drupal 8 platform. We implemented the layout using a plan that was created by a designer that DVV engages. We made the service accessible: it fulfills both the A and AA levels of the Web Content Access Guidelines' (WCAG) success criteria.

The Suomidigi.fi service contains a wealth of support materials and development examples to help develop public services, as well as the legal texts pertinent to digitalization in a comprehensible form. Registered users can create content for the service, for example blog posts or events, set up their own team pages and take part in conversations. 

We migrated the blog texts from the old WordPress based Suomidigi.fi site into the new web service. In addition, we moved the whole service to DVV's cloud so that it complies with DVV's best practices.

The new Suomidigi.fi service was released to the public in February 2020 after which we have taken care of its maintenance and continued development. The project was realized agilely with Scrum in two week sprints with 2-3 developers. In addition to the product owner, the client was represented in the team by a content manager, a service design specialist and a project manager.


The new Suomidigi.fi fulfills the needs of the DVV and the goals that were set for the project. The fact that the platform is modern and optimized for mobile use will facilitate developing new functionalities for it. 

The service offers information and support for digital service designers, developers and decision makers, as well as a chance to take part, influence and network. The amount of users is steadily growing. 

Suomidigi.fi largely fulfills the accessibility criteria, and there are no critical accessibility shortcomings.

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