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“Druid was the correct choice for a partner, and modern technology allowed for a good customer experience. Druid's team had initiative and wanted to develop our service to an even better standard than was originally planned.”
Teemu Hanhineva
Communications Specialist

Allianssi Ry is a youth work umbrella organization that promotes young people's well being and contains 121 different national youth and educational organizations. Allianssi's goal is to promote young people's growth into responsible members of society and involvement in decision making as well as international activity. The organization is a politically and religiously independent interest representative.

Starting point

The Allianssi website was outdated both in terms of style and implementation, and trying to present even the most crucial organizational information or sharing links through the site were both an exercise in futility. The goal was to design and build a website that would excite and provide a wow factor to the visitor, but that was also convincing and clear when it comes to its content.

What we did

Before starting the main project we carried out a small discovery project where we created prototypes for different options. Druid provided a business analyst, a designer and an architect/project manager for this pilot project. During the actual project the work was done by two developers while a project manager and a designer took part in the phases that required their input.

The aim was to create a very visual website that would still be easily maintainable. There was a need to merge long pieces of text with the visual style in a magazine-like layout. We ended up implementing the site in a manner that allows the admin to easily compose the pages from visually stylish blocks according to need. The blocks allow easily customizable and varied layouts that still retain their uniform style. The site was implemented with Drupal 8, and the Paragraphs module was utilized in creating the block-based layout.

The whole project was carried out in close and active cooperation with the client. The Scrum methodology we use emphasizes the importance of continual communication and facilitates cooperation – nobody gets stuck since even the most difficult issues are tackled together to find the most straightforward solution.


Both the client and the users of the website have been more than satisfied with the results, and positive feedback has been coming in from all quarters. As was outlined, the site now works as Allianssi's calling card and their main channel of communication. While the old inadequate site was kept under tight wraps, the renewed site is always proudly presented. It has been easier to have the important communication channel on display, and now Allianssi's message is being heard all around in a completely new way.

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