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Lääkärikeskus Aava

The Aava Medical Centre

We are constantly developing our services according to our customers' wishes. Over our long-term co-operation, Druid has proven itself to be a reliable and flexible partner in this development work, and the results of this project attest to that. As a whole, the project ran smoothly, and together we solved the challenges we ran into. By both parties committing to the agreed upon schedule, we reached our goal. Now we are able to provide our customers an even better service experience.
Minna Hoffström
Marketing and Communication Director

Starting point

Late in the fall of 2016 we decided with our long time client The Aava Medical Centre to start building a more consistent web service experience for Aava's customers. The goal was to create conditions that would enable combining Aava's services so that transition between them would be as seamless and unobtrusive as possible to customers.

What we did

To make the user experience as consistent as possible throughout the services we designed and built a universal application programming interface (API) for different applications out of Aava's patient information system, and a service through which the applications' users could be authenticated. As a part of the project we implemented Aava's Terveytesi (Your health) service as the first application to utilize the new API, using React technology.


The goals we set together were met. The Terveytesi service has been well received among Aava's clientele: during the first 4 months there have been more than seven times the amount of visits, and the amount of daily logins has gone up by 11%. The API tool we created enables the implementation of future web services that are consistent in their user experience.

We have co-operated closely and committedly with The Aava Medical Centre since the spring of 2014. At the end of 2016 we decided together with Aava to turn our attention to unifying the user experience of their services. The services have been implemented using different background systems and therefore had different user interfaces, so we needed a tool with which the creation of a consistent user experience was possible.

We designed and implemented an application programming interface (API) tool for Aava using Silex technology. The API integrates Aava's patient information system with the services the customers use, and it's built so that the service applications are easy to move over any background system. The API enables us to offer a seamless web service experience, and it also facilitates maintenance.

As the first application to utilize the API we built the new Terveytesi (Your health) service. The service makes it easy for a customer to search medical records about themselves, for example past and future reservations for different doctors, open referrals and laboratory and imaging results. We implemented the service using React technology.

The design and implementation of the project took approximately two months. After Aava's in-house testing round, we implemented the required modifications, and the Terveytesi service was released to the public in between May and June of 2017. More details on the technical solutions of the service are available on our blog.

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