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Lääkärikeskus Aava -verkkosivustouudistus

The Aava Medical Centre

The renovation of our internet based appointment reservation system started efficiently immediately after the first draft meeting held with Druid and after switching to Scrum. When committing to Scrum, you have to be consistent and determined, so that the team focuses on the right tasks. Working with Druid has been a breeze. In addition to their Drupal know-how, they bring to the table a genuine interest in developing our business model. They have also supported the product owner in turning challenges into tasks on the Product Backlog.
Tuomas Halonen
Chief Information Officer

Starting point

By the end of 2013 The Aava Medical Centre faced a digital challenge: while their competition was racking up appointment reservations online, Aava’s share of all the reservations made was at a modest 20 per cent, half of which were never realized due to an inoperative reservation solution.

What we did

We planned and implemented a twofold overhaul. First we overhauled the appointment reservation system’s client paths and user interface. In the second phase we updated the Aava.fi web page’s layout to be responsive using Drupal 8.


The share of electronically reserved appointments rose from 20 per cent to 35 per cent. Additionally, the total amount of web based appointment reservations increased by 15 per cent. Thanks to these improvements, the medical center could forgo the night shift of the phone service.

Agilely towards a common goal

The improvement of the appointment reservation system was initiated in spring 2014 and the component project was finished in November. During the project, we streamlined the reservation system’s client paths, simplified the user interface and improved both the look of the site and its mobile support.

The renovation of the main Aava website begun at the turn of the year 2014-2015 as just a facelift. Soon, however, it became clear to both the team and the client that a more large scale revamping was in order.

We designed a fresh and responsive layout for Aava. We also decided to update the platform to Drupal 8, since as a new product its lifespan would be longer. A trailblazer, Aava did not shy away from the newcomer. Drupal 8 would enable a simpler overall solution, and thanks to component thinking, the development speed would be rapid after the ball got rolling.

You can read more about the project and its technical solutions here.

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