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Mikko Hämäläinen
Mikko Hämäläinen

When choosing a technical solution for a web based service project, eyes often turn towards a content management system of some kind, mainly due to the ready-to-use features they offer, their operational reliability and their support services. But which system will actually be used to pull coin from the web to the customer's coffers is a different matter altogether.

Content management systems are exactly like every other object of dispute: they're either the best there is at what they do, or utter crap, or at least a bit shady. We at Druid have fallen in love with Drupal and have built our livelihoods firmly around it. Therefore you can probably guess our opinions on other systems.

However, the great underlying Truth™ of the matter is that there is no one system above all others. For instance, let's take the absolute number one blog platform, WordPress. WordPress really is a good platform for a straightforward web page or a business blog. There are plenty of themes to choose from, cranking out text is easy with the streamlined writing tool, and when your own bag of tricks runs dry, a consultant to iron out the final kinks is just a phone call away.

Well then, why don't we just change our name to WordPress Priests and start building WordPress sites?

Mainly because, besides building Drupal sites, our passion is to make the sites earn the customer money one way or another. And building a money making machine on top of a pure marketing site is difficult. Since WordPress is optimized for word processing to a large extent, using it to build any larger service with possible integrations is a bit too laborious for my taste. The best thing about Drupal: a large selection of compatible, ready-to-use modules that allow, for example, ready integrations and the building of large entities piece by piece. Services like Drupal Commerce web store platform or Aava's online appointment reservation system grow from small pieces.

Drupal can easily be used to build a marketing site, but if the client has no need to expand towards a serious web based business model even in the future, I will gladly recommend WordPress. But if the idea is to extend the business over to the internet, it is sensible to consider the platform candidates' ability to expand.

If the choice between platforms is giving you a headache, why not give me a call, and let's see if Drupal might fit your needs.

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