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Druid's new clothes

The Cobbler’s Children’s New Clothes

Mikko Hämäläinen
Mikko Hämäläinen

Druid has existed for around three years now. These first years have been a time of growth and learning, with many accomplishments garnered: we have grown to include nearly 30 Druids, we have been a part of large and even larger projects, and our existence has enriched the international Drupal community. But there is still one task that has been overlooked.

Druid’s website was built over one sweaty weekend in 2012, and it has served us bravely through these years of growth. It was, however, time for the website to shed its skin and grow up alongside Druid.

The new druid.fi represents that which we have developed into over the last three years: we are now mature, multi­talented web service solution providers, whose earlier edginess is enriched by years of experience. Drupal is still a large part of Druid, but our palette is now complemented with design and business know­how. Now we can honestly say that we are a true full service provider that can distill customer anxiety into a practical web service.

Druid has not changed. There’s just more of us now and we’re better.

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