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Druid's road ahead

Druid's three years of growth – What next?


From a subcontractor to a turnkey supplier, from small jobs to larger and larger projects, from anonymity to being acknowledged and valued by the Drupal community, from five founders into a work community of soon to be 30 individuals. Druid has gone on an interesting and an eventful journey during its little over three years of existence. 

When Druid was founded, our aim was to create the best possible workplace for ourselves and for Drupal developers. We wanted to create a company that reflected our vision, a company where things were done right and where employees could make themselves feel at home. For us, that means a flat organization and non-existent bureaucracy, freedom and responsibility, continued learning, openness, transparency and a sense of community. But also straight talk and honesty. With us, the staff comes first, the client a close second. That's because we believe that a happy workforce is a prerequisite for quality. When we enjoy working, we do a better job and our customers are satisfied.


We are known in the industry as highly skilled and agile Drupal experts whose quality of work is first-rate both technically and from a project management standpoint. We keep challenging our clients and we believe in what we do; with us the client may not necessarily get what they want, but they will get what they need. Our references already speak for themselves. Especially the Drupal 8 web service that we created for The Aava Medical Centre has garnered a lot of interest on the market, because it was the first significant Drupal 8 implementation in Finland and one of the first ten in the whole world. This isn't enough for us, however – we want to be even better!

So where are we headed? What are we striving towards? In the year 2025 we want to be an industry forerunner that has created one of the ten most used digital services in the world. Yes, that may be an ambitious goal, but it is also a highly motivating one. Based on the last three years, I know we can develop and grow to meet our vision during the next decade.

Towards international markets – quality first

Then how are we to realize our vision? By ensuring that the quality of our work stays top of the line by every standard, by increasing our recognizability among clients and the Drupal community, and by expanding over to international markets. And most of all, by building on our own thing, like we've done so far.

Of course we'll keep moving one step at a time. This year we'll mostly concentrate on creating ideal conditions and tracking systems so that we can implement large scale projects with a standard of quality never before seen, and on continuing to cement our status as the Drupal 8 trailblazers in Finland. We will also strive to take part in projects for clients with international operations and to open doors abroad. The office we opened in Amsterdam is a small but vital first step on this path.

Our strategy, however, does not mean that we're turning away from domestic markets – on the contrary. Our current clients are the most important of all, and we will continue our long-term collaboration with them. We want to support our clients during their internationalization, and to grow together. There are amazing companies here in Finland, and internationalization with them is only natural.

Best workplace for Drupal developers

Our goal this year is to raise our turnover from about 2 million euros to 3 million. By the year 2020 we aim to achieve a turnover of 10 million euros. But what's more important than revenue is the happiness of our staff and clients: when the work satisfaction NPS is at least 80 and the customer satisfaction is 100%, we've succeeded.

So what we are striving for is controlled growth without compromising quality. To that end, we're looking for new, experienced experts to join our team. Our guiding principle will continue to stay unchanged: we still want to be the best workplace for Drupal developers in not only Finland but the whole of Europe. Our strategy both supports and requires staff satisfaction. We love breaking boundaries and taking on challenges, and to succeed in both, there needs to be a solid framework in place. Our clients can count on the fact that their web services are in motivated and capable hands. A happy Druid is a guarantee for quality!

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