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Druid offers maintenance and small-scale development services

Druid's maintenance service provides peace of mind


Spring greetings from Druid's maintenance and small-scale development team!

Recently many very popular systems have been suffering from security issues. User information has been leaked, websites and servers have been abused, and all of the attacks may not even have been noticed. However, the majority of the attacks could have been avoided by active maintenance of the systems. A reliably working website is crucial also for your business, and well handled maintenance ensures just that. Even if you don't do direct business over the web, your website is still your face on the internet.

Drupal has at least three important areas that need maintenance. A security update is published for the Drupal core on the third Wednesday of each month when necessary. In addition to that, security updates may be released each Wednesday for modules maintained by the Drupal community. Drupal itself runs on top of server software, and that bundle too needs some sort of band aids nearly monthly. Fast reaction may be crucial.

In other words, modern web services won't run without active maintenance. Do you know when your service was last updated? We updated the websites we're maintaining last week where it was seen fit.

Druid offers a maintenance service that takes care of the security and other operation of your whole package with a response time of mere hours. Your contract may include a predetermined amount of working hours a month, or we can work when the situation calls for it. We will put in place an automatic monitoring system to keep tabs on operations, so we will be aware of any issues immediately.

Normally we begin a maintenance contract by auditing the implementation of the customer's service. During the audit we will go through the source code and functionality of the site, make a note of any potential problem areas in our report, and suggest improvements. This way you will get a better picture of the current state of your service, and we can think how to make your site even better.

We also offer small-scale Drupal development services. Feel free to ask for a proposal on additional features or fixes you might need! Druid will help you take your web service to the next level.

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