Magical code

Working with Progressive Web Apps

Kristian Sakarisson

At Druid we are always keeping our eyes open for new technologies, which can benefit both us and our clients. Recently we have been experimenting with Progressive Web Apps. 


  • Progressive Web Apps provide handy app-like functionality for web applications
  • The two major requirements are the manifest.json and a service worker
  • PWAs can be the answer to user’s unwillingness to install apps on their phone

So without further ado, let’s delve into the world of manifests and service workers…

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Shopping carts

Drupal Commerce – when is it the best choice for an e-commerce platform?

Henna Pelkola

The competition between different e-commerce platforms is getting more and more frantic, since digitalization is pushing companies to take their business over to the internet. Many a business developer may feel a bit overwhelmed when facing the multitude of choices being offered. How can you tell the best platform for your own business? What should be taken into account when making the choice?

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Component based design

Design process matters – here are three reasons why


Have you ever paid attention to how your web service is being designed? How do the design and the technical implementation mesh together? I can promise that it's not a given that they do. In this industry it is surprisingly common to see clumsy and unclear design conventions in use to the benefit of neither the client nor the service provider.

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Making super fast virtual machines with passthrough

Making super fast virtual machines with passthrough

Samuli Aalto-Setälä

Reader beware: this text is highly technical! It's meant for fellow developers and tech enthusiasts. We'll take a look at using virtualization as a no-compromise replacement for dual booting between operating systems, emphasis on the word no-compromise. Many tasks are quite feasible even with a basic VM, for example testing websites in a legacy browser not available on current operating systems. For more demanding tasks, booting to another natively running OS and then back just for one specific app or a gaming break is cumbersome. So what can be done?

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Vihainen ukko

Sticky situations in sales negotiations

Mikko Hämäläinen

There is an oppressive silence hanging over the conference room. The Client has just asked a Question with a capital Q. The Sales Rep clears his throat nervously trying to search the eyes of the Technical Expert sitting next to him for any signs of help. Unfortunately the engineer is completely wrapped up in the wonderful world of applications architecture and module configurations and stares back with empty eyes.

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Cleaner content with Drupal Paragraphs module

A static content layout lifesaver: Paragraphs module

Lisette Mazure

As Drupal website users, we all know how boring static basic pages and detail pages are. As Drupal developers, we all know how frustrating those boring basic pages and detail pages become, when someone (indeed, the content editor) tries to change the layout by messing with the source code of the WYSIWYG.

Frustrate no more. The Paragraphs module is here to save the day (and your content layout)!

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Smooth rolling

How to visualize the status of a sprint in JIRA?

Arto Iijalainen

The chosen project model is often critical to the project’s success. That is why we at Druid prefer agile methods and Scrum. Scrum requires all the work of a project to be gathered to a single place so that it can be managed properly. Even though a hip method might just be to scribble notes on pieces of paper and stick them to a wall, we have settled on a more engineerish solution, and use the JIRA project management software. We might lose out on some hipster points, but what we gain are various different project views, comprehensive reporting and other useful features.

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Web service infrastructure does matter

Why does the infrastructure of web services matter?

Marko Korhonen

A fair amount of the workload allocated to software development is consumed by working on various development and server computers and setting up their applications and settings. This is what is generally called the "environment".

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Bart presenting at DrupalJam 2016

Tips and tricks for speakers-to-be: Getting ready to present

Bart Feenstra

Last autumn I wrote about answering the call for papers for a conference. Let's continue from there. You have now submitted your abstract and your session proposal has been accepted. Well done! Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves, put a presentation together, and practice.

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UX improvements with React

A smoother user experience with new technology


The Aava Medical Centre is one of our customers with very high expectations concerning user experience. In order for us to meet these expectations in a cost effective way, it's important for us to utilize the most modern tools when building their services. Luckily for us, for the whole duration of our cooperation, Aava has committed itself to adopting new technology. This way Aava has also avoided excessive expenses during updates.

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